Thursday, 24 April 2014

A Good Historical Novel...

...should take you to another world ~

whether that be the Regency, the Middle Ages, the English Civil War or even the First World War. I hope this can be said of A Sense of the Ridiculous.

Excerpt From 'A Sense of the Ridiculous'

The inn had been quiet for less than an hour when a door creaked on the landing above. On the alert at once, he tiptoed to stand by the crockery cupboard. His eyes by this time being well accustomed to the darkness, he had no difficulty making out the dreamlike form when it came drifting down the stairs. It paused at the bottom for what seemed like an eternity before moving, one cautious step at a time, towards him.

And where do you think you’re going?” he asked the wraith.

Jocasta squealed and threw the shoes she was carrying at him with some force before turning to run back upstairs.

Ow! Damn it,” he cursed as one hit him. “Stop that. ’Tis me, Richard.” He grabbed her by the wrist, curtailing her flight. “Just a minute, madam. I want a word with you.”

Ouch,” she yelped. “You are hurting me. Let me go.”

He slackened his grip but did not release her. “I thought we had decided Ned and I would take the night watch.” Jocasta said nothing. “Do you wish me to lock your door?” He caught the movement of her hair as she shook her head. “Do you promise you will go back to bed?”

Still there was silence. The ticking of the clock was deafening—so loud, in fact, had he missed her answer?—and then finally she muttered in a little voice, “Very well.”

He let her go, and without another word, she turned and went back up the stairs. Pleased that he was beginning to get her measure, Richard followed the passage to the door into the yard. There he paused before retracing his steps to the entrance hall. It was not that he did not trust her, but… All was peaceful on the upper floor. He waited a minute or two and then, after a mental kick for his lack of faith, headed for the stables once more.

However, as he closed the yard door, a tiny sound somewhere above his head made him stop and listen. There was a rustle and a minuscule snap, as manifest as a gunshot to his ears—which were straining for the least sound—though he doubted he would have noticed it ordinarily. Holding his breath, he waited again. The night was cloudy and there was no moonlight, but he could make out the shape of the garden door as it very slowly began to open. She certainly did not lack courage, this girl. He stood with legs apart and arms folded across his chest, right in front of the door. He surmised that, expecting him to have gone to bed, she had climbed down the creeper which grew up the wall around her window.

Slipping through the garden door, she closed it behind her with a tiny click and turned straight into his chest. Her screech of alarm died in her throat, curtailed in an instant by his calloused hand over her mouth. As she pressed back against the rough wood of the door, her fear gave him a somewhat wicked satisfaction. He stepped closer in as menacing a manner as he could summon. Her chest heaved, indicating the rapid thumping of her heart, and she tried to edge along the wall towards the house. Grinning into the darkness, he barred her way with a brawny arm and leaned against the stone. Putting his hand in a similar position on her other side, he pinned her against the wall. Several seconds elapsed before he spoke. He did not want to frighten her, but she should realize the foolishness of this escapade.

If you enjoyed this extract and want to know what happens next, 'A Sense of the Ridiculous' is available in E-book form for kindle, mobile or pc from or: 
Also Overdrive and Rainbow, among others.

It does not appear to be obvious in some lists as there is another Heather King, so please shout about it! If you have read it and enjoyed it, I would love to hear your feedback and please tell your friends. It was written in unashamed homage (but in my own voice) of the Queen of Regency, Georgette Heyer, so if you love her books and fancy something new, do try A Sense of the Ridiculous.

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Happy writing and reading. Love Heather.

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